Business MAX
Broadband Package

Demanding business Internet users who require the maximum out of their Internet connection. Suitable for a networked office environment. Ideal for small businesses.

The best Internet solution for demanding users that want low contention ratios.

  • Downstream 8000kbs
  • Upstream 400kbs
  • Contention Ratio 10 : 1
  • Usage 250Gb/month*
  • Contract 3 Months
  • IP Addresses 1 address included


All prices exclude VAT.
Upload and download speeds stated are maximums.
* Usage must comply with our acceptable use policy.
Maximum download speed from the Internet 8000Kb/s. Maximum upload speed 400Kb/s. 


Business MAX£64.99 CONTACT US

All our ADSL Packages include the following features

  • 24x7 High-Speed Internet Access
  • Unlimited email addresses
  • Free Static IP Address
  • No Proxy Servers
  • Support Packages for the Small Business
  • No Port Blocking or Traffic Shaping
  • Short 3 month contract
  • Free Customer Support
  • UK Based Support Team