Why EMNET Broadband?
Low Contention Ratio!

What Makes EMNET Broadband Different?

Did you know that our broadband packages come with a low contention ratio of just 10:1 and an amazing ratio of 2.5:1 across our network, but without the premium price tag?

Superior contention ratios are just one of the many benefits of EMNET Solutions broadband service, something that other provider's just can't match.


So What Exactly is this Contention Ratio and Why Should it Matter to your Company?

Each internet connection uses a certain amount of bandwidth; this is the maximum amount of data that can travel in a given time and the contention ratio is the percentage of that bandwidth that each user gets. The higher the contention ratio the slower the overall performance will be. For example, on an ADSL package of 50:1, if all 50 users are connecting to a 512kbps broadband service at the same time individual access speed is reduced to just 26kbps!

If your so-called 'high-speed' connection is letting you down we suggest you check out your contention ratio. You may find that your provider is promising services and speeds that their network simply cannot deliver - most ISPs mix residential and business traffic and sell to home users at such low prices that they have to oversubscribe their network capacity.

At EMNET Solutions, we do things differently. As a purely business-to-business ISP we don't have residential customers clogging up our network or technical support so we can focus on providing superior ADSL service to your business. Also, unlike other broadband providers, our upstream connections are not contended at 50:1 so we can offer you these amazingly low contention ratios at no extra cost! This means you avoid peak broadband traffic delays and enjoy a continuous, high level of performance.

So, for the best possible upstream and downstream speeds get swimming our way - we guarantee you'll get more broadband for your money.

If you already have broadband on your BT line from another provider you can switch one of the great value broadband deals at EMNET Solutions for Free. The process takes 5 - 10 working days, and is usually seamless so your broadband will continue to work throughout the transfer process. 

About ADSL Broadband? 

The broadband service provided by EMNET Solutions is based on ADSL technology. An ADSL connection provides one of the most reliable and cost-effective ways of accessing the Internet. This technology works by splitting your existing telephone line signal into two, one for voice calls and the other for data. ADSL enables simultaneous use of the same phone line for normal phone calls and data transfer. At the same time, ADSL also boosts the data transfer capacity of a conventional phone line enabling faster Internet access and quicker downloads.

About SDSL Broadband?

EMNET now provides SDSL which represents is a significant advance in broadband technology over ADSL. SDSL offers equal upload and download speeds along with low contention ratios and is ideal for business users. The faster upload speed overcomes the difficulties of running high power interactive applications over the web. The high speeds and low contention make it an ideal service to support Virtual Private Network applications, high power home workers and those who wish to send large files through the internet.

SDSL represents an economical option between ADSL services and more expensive Lease Lines.